Do you feel too overwhelmed to make fresh, healthy meals?

You think it’s easier to grab lunch out of the vending machine or drive-thru… but you always feel guilty afterwards?

The Salad in a Jar Program was created to help you navigate being healthy on the go.

You will learn how to:

  • Make more healthy, fresh meals at home without spending a ton of time in the kitchen
  • Save more money each week with effective meal planning
  • Easily transition from habitually eating out to making great wholesome meals to-go in minutes

No more guilty lunch breaks, my friend!

Salad in a Jar is a very simple concept – the key factor here is setting
you up for success to do it.

That means planning, prepping, and spending a little bit of time putting your jars together. Voila!

You are welcome to create your recipes with ingredients you love, use some of the recipe ideas provided, or tweak some recipes provided to suit your taste best.

Spend a few moments jotting down your 5 Salad in a Jar recipes for the week. Create your shopping list from your recipes so that your shopping trip is easy and quick.

Are you ready?!

The Program


  • Ideas and inspiration for eating healthy when in a time crunch
  • A guide with step by step instructions for creating your own yummy salads in a jar
  • 15 different easy and delicious Salad in a Jar recipes + 4 easy homemade salad dressing recipes


      • How to create delicious, easy, portable salads for healthy eating on the go.
      • How to replace “fast food” with healthy meals you can make at home in less than 5 minutes
      • How eating a diet with a variety of nutrients can help you feel more energized and manage weight with little effort at all
      • How to make your health a priority without having to totally overhaul your lifestyle and schedule
      • How to make fresh meals at home without spending tons of time slaving in the kitchen


Are you ready to take a step in the right direction towards changing your eating habits?

 The Salad In a Jar Program is a great FIRST STEP!

Upon purchase, get the entire program delivered to your email box and start taking action as soon as today.